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Summary: BloodRose,
Rose of my love,
My love for Dark moon,
Dark as my heart,
Black as my soul,
And gave me my rose.

Poem: The Guardian and BloodRose : By Nicolette Gonzalez

Venture into the short tale of a Vampire's journey as he (Justin) and his partner (Hailey) are faced with passion, lust, desire, danger and death...

*From - The Blood Series: A Vampire's Love*

Rated: NC-17
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
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Series: The Blood Series: A Vampire’s Love
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Word count: 6874 Read: 1477
Published: Jul 18, 2007 Updated: Jul 18, 2007
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Story Notes:
Here's Part 2 in the Series. I hope you enjoy

1. Blood Roses : Love me, Love me not by d_simplicity [Reviews - 6] Liked (6874 words)

Feeback is always appreciated. :-D. Hope you like...

*Readers' caution is advised due to visual scenes.*

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