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After hitting several roadblocks, Lance is almost ready to give up on fatherhood.  Almost, that is, until he reaches out to Justin's fiancee for help.  Being a surrogate mother is going to mean making a few personal sacrifices, including pushing wedding plans aside.  When questions about their own future are raised, will Justin be here for her?  Or will JC end up by her side? 

Think about it, it just makes sense

We already know everything about us... 

Girl, I'll be right here by your side

Give you all the love I've got to give

*Right Here (By Your Side) - J.C. Chasez 

Rated: NC-17
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Published: Aug 26, 2010 Updated: Nov 14, 2010
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"Right Here" is nominated for

Impressive Characterization of Lance

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1. Chapter 1 by Whit1210 [Reviews - 4] (2016 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Whit1210 [Reviews - 0] (1241 words)

3. Chapter 3 by Whit1210 [Reviews - 0] (1732 words)
Alright JC fans...here he comes...

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