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It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into
Torn apart but now I've got to
Keep on rolling like a stone
Cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy

Left my childhood behind
In a roll away bed
Everything was so damn simple
Now I'm losing my head
Trying to cover up the damage
And pad out all the bruises
Too young to know I had it
So it didn't hurt to lose it
Didn't hurt to lose it
No but oh
I'll keep on rolling down this road
But I've got a bad, bad feeling

A girl who is a nobody with a past to the outside world, meets a somebody that holds the future she's been searching for.

Rated: NC-17
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Published: Mar 09, 2010 Updated: Sep 17, 2010
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Story Notes:
This is my first shot at a Fan Fic. I might be awful or I might be great, let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy...thanks!

1. Chapter 1 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (1509 words)
This first chapter doesn't have anything to do with Justin or *NSync but it's pretty critical backround to the story. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

2. Chapter 2 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (1409 words)

3. Chapter 3 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (1510 words)

4. Chapter 4 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 5] (1925 words)
Thanks for the kind reviews everyone! Luckily my job leaves me with ALOT of free time to write so here's the next chapter. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

5. Chapter 5 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (1821 words)
Holy dialog Batman! I went a little conversation happy this chapter. Also, I realized I should probably say I don't know or own Justin Timberlake, or any of the characters. But the comedian I mentioned in Chapter 4, really is my cousin and really did just open for Dane Cook so go check him out ::note the shamless plug!::

6. Chapter 6 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (1944 words)
So I guess my trying to leave you in suspence turned into utter confusion. Sorry about that, but it's all explained in this chapter. Thanks for the nice reviews and I hope you enjoy!

7. Chapter 7 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (2555 words)
I think I might hate this chapter, but I haven't decided yet. Sorry if it sucks. Let me know what you think!

8. Chapter 8 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (2943 words)
Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoy the next chapter. Let me know what you think!

9. Chapter 9 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (2934 words)

10. Chapter 10 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (3335 words)
Thanks for the feedback everyone...keep it coming it makes it so much easier to write when I know people are actually enjoying reading! Hope you like the new chapter!

11. Chapter 11 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (3374 words)
Thanks for the kind reviews...keep those opinions of yours coming ; )

12. Chapter 12 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (3769 words)
I changed this chapter completely at least 3 times. Hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts :)

13. Chapter 13 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (3640 words)
Thanks for the kind reviews everyone. Hope you enjoy the next chapter!

14. Chapter 14 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (4137 words)


 And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

15. Chapter 15 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (2819 words)
Thanks for all the positive reviews, I was a little nervous with the last chapter. Here's a short one to hold you over for the weekend!

16. Chapter 16 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 5] (3617 words)
Sorry this took a while!

17. Chapter 17 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (3027 words)
I'm getting awfully attached to these characters

18. Chapter 18 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (4716 words)
Thanks for the reviews everyone. Here's your next installment!

19. Chapter 19 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (3582 words)
The moment has arrived for the Marissa/Lynn drama to begin. Hope you enjoy!!

20. Chapter 20 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (5626 words)
Thanks for the reviews everyone...and away we go with the next chapter!

21. Chapter 21 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 4] (3933 words)
It's time for a turn around! Hope you like it!

22. Chapter 22 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 6] (6395 words)
This is a long ass chapter. I didn't want to break it up because I wanted it to all be from Marissa's perspective and since the consesus says to keep both I had to put it all in one chapter. If you're a sap like me get your tissues ready!!

23. Chapter 23 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 4] (4275 words)
Thanks for the reviews you guys! I'm sorry I made you whip out the tissues. Here's your next installment!

24. Chapter 24 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (4389 words)
Thank you for the reviews :) They keep me motivated to keep writing!!

25. Chapter 25 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 5] (6267 words)
Happy Friday!!

26. Chapter 26 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (5566 words)
Sorry this took a while, I actually had work to do at work. How dare they! haha

27. Chapter 27 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (4818 words)
After this chapter time is going to move alot faster just to let you know ahead of time. I've got big plans for these two brewing in my head. In fact I couldn't sleep last night just thinking about it :)

28. Chapter 28 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (6230 words)
I wish I could update more then once a week. My job is making me do work which is clearly unacceptable. Here's a long one for the long weekend! Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

29. Chapter 29 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (6144 words)
Woo hoo it didn't take me a week to update this time! I'm so glad everyone is making predictions, we'll see if your right.

30. Chapter 30 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (6673 words)
Happy Monday! Hope you enjoy the next installment!

31. Chapter 31 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 3] (6371 words)
I must say I'm really impressed with myself with how many chapters I've gotten done in a week! Enjoy!!

32. Chapter 32 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (5417 words)

33. Chapter 33 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (5086 words)
Happy Friday :)

34. Chapter 34 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6698 words)

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy :) And thanks for all the feedback...keep it coming!

35. Chapter 35 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (5702 words)
Sorry this one took so long. I rewrote a thousand times! I'm still not sure if I'm happy with it!

36. Chapter 36 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (5786 words)

Thanks for all of the reviews...Doing it out in my head we're about 3/4 through the story maybe a little bit more. I'm getting kind of sad thinking about not writing about these characters anymore. I'm a little too attached I think ; )

 Here's your next installment. Let me know whatcha think!

37. Chapter 37 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6457 words)
As usual thanks for all the reviews, keep em coming!

38. Chapter 38 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6671 words)

39. Chapter 39 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (6347 words)
Thanks for the reviews! If I had more time in the day I'd respond to all of them individually, but my boss actually expects me to get some work done during the day. But just know that they're much appriciated and it makes the story a whole lot easier to write when I know people are reading it!! So enjoy the next chapter!

40. Chapter 40 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6894 words)
Thank you again and again and again for all of the reviews!!! If I could hug you I would!

41. Chapter 41 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6137 words)
Your next installment has arrived...

42. Chapter 42 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 2] (6305 words)
The plot thickens...

43. Chapter 43 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 1] (6082 words)
Well this chapter took forever and a day to complete...sorry for the delay! It's a ton of dialog and somewhat of filler, but there is some important stuff in there. I hope you enjoy, and as always I appriciate the reviews!

44. Chapter 44 by MarizlePanizle [Reviews - 4] (7433 words)

Okay so this took forever and a day to finish. I apologize profusely, that was the worst time to get writers block!! But this is it...the final chapter has finally arrived!

Thank you to everyone that's read and reviewed this story! This was my first fan fic and I thought I was going to be awful, but you guys kept me going and actually made me believe I might be okay at it. I hope I didn't let anyone down.

I'm going to miss Justin and Marissa, I've somehow fallen in love with fictional characters, and I'm sure I'll think of them from time to time! I hope you all have enjoyed the story, and thanks again for sticking by me!!

And without further adeu...it's a long one!!

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