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Summary: Tatiana needed to have some fun outside of her mudane life so when Justin meets her in a club and needs a salsa instructor, she jumps at the chance to be something extraordinary and experience the pleasure she always wanted. What happens when that pleasure gets her in trouble and Justin can't seem to let her go?
Rated: NC-17
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Published: Apr 16, 2009 Updated: Nov 12, 2009
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1. Cast by mzmillion [Reviews - 6] (4 words)
This is a new one... I have no clue on where its going or if I'm even going to finish but it depends on you guys response... so give it love or hate, I want you honesty on everything.

2. Screwed by mzmillion [Reviews - 10] (1388 words)

This is the first chapter, it just came to me after I kept complaining of wanting to try and write something. This is going to be a short so PLEASE let me know what you think. This is unedited so bare with the errors. I'm also up for a co-author if someone would like to help. 

3. Tango by mzmillion [Reviews - 3] (2213 words)
Ok let me say this is long, for me, and again unedited...lol. I am bad with that. If there are any things you notice, please let me know and I'll change them...thanks. For the dancing and song choice, please refer to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bibtqDxXv1o. It's kind of what I had in mind. Oh again, please honest opinions on writing, this is actually my first sex scene, how did I do?

4. Phone Call by mzmillion [Reviews - 4] (2419 words)
This one was hard to write. I have absolutely no idea how this story is going to progress or end so I'm just going with it.

5. Let's Dance by mzmillion [Reviews - 4] (1547 words)

I know I know..... this is long overdue... you guys probably don't even remember this story but I loved the story line so I wanted to finish it, or try to. I wrote this while at work(hard to do in a call center), so there are probably errors and stuff so please don't mind.

The hotels and clubs are real places, you can google them.

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