Submission Rules

1. NF has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding plagiarism. The story you submit must be your own work! If you are caught plagiarizing you will be given three days to rewrite or delete the plagiarized section/chapter/story. If no action is taken within three days your account will be deleted. also includes taking someone's unfinished story and finishing it without the original authors permission, and taking someones written plot line to incorporate into your own story without the original authors permission in our definition of plagiarism.   If this occurs, violators will have three days to remove the story of their account will be deleted.


2. Submitted stories should always be backed up. While we continually monitor the server and make regular backups, these are primarily to preserve our software and database setup. NF makes no promise to archive your stories as an alternative to you making a backup. While we make every endeavor to safely store submitted stories, we cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, such as server crashes and hacking attempts etc. which may cause any submitted material to be irretrievably lost.


3. The story's main character(s) must be a member(s) of *NSYNC.

4. Please check your grammar, spelling and story formatting before posting. You can find people who are willing to beta-read your story here

5. All story graphics/pictures or award nomination banners should be added to the story notes or chapter notes sections, NOT the Summary section. Any graphic added in the summary section will be moved by an admin to an appropriate section.  For Series, you can post graphics in the story or chapter notes of the first story in your series.


6. Be kind and courteous to your fellow authors and reviewers. Anyone found posting abusive, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or any other such material that may violate any applicable laws will be warned. If that warning is ignored the person is subject to account suspension and/or deletion. This includes but is not limited to stories/reviews containing objectionable material such as threats to members/admins, hate material and racism.


7. If you are adding a "characters photos/bios" chapter to your story, please be courteous to your readers by posting it when you also have an update to add as well.


8. Posting a hiatus, excuse, explanation, nomination, etc as a "chapter" by itself, is prohibited. It appears to readers as an update which is false! If you'd like to explain your reasons for lack of updates, hiatus, or to promote an award nomination please do so by editing your Summary or Story Notes. You may also wait until you have an actual chapter update and post the message in the Chapter Notes or End Notes section.


9. If you would like to change or edit your penname, contact us. Do not create a separate account, thank you!


10. If your account has no stories, reviews, favorites, recommendations, or challenges for more than two (2) months after you have created it, it will be at risk for deletion by an admin.


11. Creating a story and then posting nothing but a link to an outside host is prohibited. If found these stories will be deleted.



Please note that this document may change as and when the need arises. It is the users responsibility to follow changes.

(Last updated: 09 January 2017)


If you have any questions regarding these rules, please direct them to our staff via trouble ticket or via staff e-mail. is the sole judge in what is acceptable and not acceptable on our service according to the above warnings.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy your time at


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