His Babygirl by Ambs07 - Liked [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 2270 - Reads: 1377)
What happens when you're a pop star who's left to care for a your three year old child by yourself. How do you cope with the loss and learn to...

Do You by WhitneyJT - Liked [Reviews - 116]
(Wordcount: 62595 - Reads: 99089)
Justin Timberlake is completely burnt out with his work, his life, just everything. He desperately needed a vacation to regain some of himself. That's...

Spoiled by LuLu - Liked [Reviews - 198]
(Wordcount: 336631 - Reads: 222686)

And I would only be fooling myself if I tried to
Believe there's room for someone else in my heart
There ain't no way I'm getting over...

Unescapable Journey by mzmillion - Liked [Reviews - 9]
(Wordcount: 3404 - Reads: 3577)

*For Candy Coated Writing Challenge*

Justin reads something private in his daughters diary.

Drive by Ally - Liked [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 21785 - Reads: 31485)

It's the wedding of the century.
The new King of Pop has chosen a Queen and only God knows if the world can handle it.



The One Nighter by BrandyRae - Liked [Reviews - 18]
(Wordcount: 109471 - Reads: 78951)
Cassidy Nickel is angry at the world, but more in general--the male species. Justin Timberlake is set on changing her mind. What they both need is to let...

Girl Friday by Sox - Liked [Reviews - 223]
(Wordcount: 64731 - Reads: 93435)

Justin Timberlake is such a nice, normal person.  He’s so sweet and laid back and really is the boy next door. The fame...

Dirrty Laundry by Ashley - [Reviews - 12]
(Wordcount: 176847 - Reads: 88599)
How much truth can one man take? No, not here. The real question is, how much truth can one man tell? Discard all previous assumptions, because here...

Like I Love You by Becca Lynn - [Reviews - 44]
(Wordcount: 38370 - Reads: 54216)

What happens when you have a famous cousin, famous boyfriend, a handful of secrets, and an overprotective brother?


The Mistake by PenguinPrincess - [Reviews - 12]
(Wordcount: 55550 - Reads: 56203)
Nsync's career is at its peak and things couldn't be better for Justin Timberlake until someone from his past shows up with some more than shocking...

It Just Happened by a_moments_grace - [Reviews - 145]
(Wordcount: 67713 - Reads: 102964)

It was just a one night stand, and that's all it was ever supposed to be.  But now Adah James has found herself pregnant and there's only...

Two Different Places by Becca Lynn - [Reviews - 28]
(Wordcount: 14374 - Reads: 23251)

That my heart is in two different places

I got you in my life and I wanna do right

But it's hard to let it go

When my love has...

Duffy's by Sox - [Reviews - 61]
(Wordcount: 51767 - Reads: 46283)

We used to be that couple that everyone wished they could be like. We were soul mates. We understood each other. But then something...

Sweet Child O' Mine by katethegreat - [Reviews - 82]
(Wordcount: 19930 - Reads: 26198)


She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright...

Baby Blues by Mack_Attack22 - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 3916 - Reads: 2684)
[One-shot] One small mistake ends up with Justin being a father

Discovering New Dreams by Ambs07 - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 14032 - Reads: 11975)
Two young people at the brink of there lives, are seperated by ones dream to be something more, the other is left behind to find her own. Five years later...

The Perfect Night by Sox - [Reviews - 8]
(Wordcount: 2990 - Reads: 2191)

       You stand in the corner of a crowded club, sipping your gin martini: stirred, up, one olive;...

Long Way to Happy by MarizlePanizle - [Reviews - 107]
(Wordcount: 202268 - Reads: 150975)

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah

Lena Lynn by rofltime - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 1068 - Reads: 1367)
Justin Timberlake becomes a daddy!

A Day at the Beach by ninabina - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 1997 - Reads: 1883)
Angela heads to the beach, but gets more than what she bargained for.

Alien by Belia - [Reviews - 15]
(Wordcount: 20780 - Reads: 20528)

Raina just needed some money for college, but she got a lot more than she expected.


Breaking your heart was never my intention

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Choices by Jbear (R)

Angelina Turner  just nabbed one of Jive Records hottest artist as a client Justin Timberlake. But what happens when feelings start to develop and old flames come back to the for front? Can Angie and Justin make it through?I ment to put this up before now. This story deals with some alternate lifestyle issues so if you have a problem with that please...
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