Still On My Brain by Ambs07 - Liked [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 41450 - Reads: 31846)
Justin and Amber have been friends for years, but as they grow older their feelings began to change. No longer able to deny the attraction they feel towards...

Shameless by a_moments_grace - Liked [Reviews - 40]
(Wordcount: 12838 - Reads: 18357)
I thought that I had balls and a mind of my own until this girl walked into my life and made me question everything.  She brought out the...

Verdant by Sox - Liked [Reviews - 613]
(Wordcount: 128396 - Reads: 195777)

I sat in front of a mirror finishing my makeup and felt a steady throbbing like the beating of a drum in my chest. I have never been...

Dirrty Laundry by Ashley - [Reviews - 12]
(Wordcount: 176847 - Reads: 88599)
How much truth can one man take? No, not here. The real question is, how much truth can one man tell? Discard all previous assumptions, because here...

All in a day's work by Schnessa - [Reviews - 78]
(Wordcount: 43856 - Reads: 55835)
A clothing line. A couple of employees. And a documentary crew.

Time to be Your 21 by sChErZo - [Reviews - 8]
(Wordcount: 12520 - Reads: 11121)
When sparks fly while recording Jordin wants to know if her music is the only thing Justin is passionate about...

In Fear of Close Objects by Ashley - [Reviews - 245]
(Wordcount: 104368 - Reads: 58428)
He don't believe in shootin' stars. In fact, since his love suddenly left him, Justin doesn't believe in much at all. He and the people...

A day in the life of.... by Schnessa - [Reviews - 37]
(Wordcount: 46712 - Reads: 45420)
“This is SuChin Pak with MTV news, bringing you the best music news on the hour every hour. We have just learned that Justin Timberlake and his three...

Like I Love You by Becca Lynn - [Reviews - 44]
(Wordcount: 38370 - Reads: 54216)

What happens when you have a famous cousin, famous boyfriend, a handful of secrets, and an overprotective brother?


Alternative To Love by musicalmuse - [Reviews - 103]
(Wordcount: 57423 - Reads: 54774)

She was known to the world as America's Sweetheart. But nobody knew the real her.

Justin was just a guy at the wrong place at the wrong time...

Baby Blues by Mack_Attack22 - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 3916 - Reads: 2684)
[One-shot] One small mistake ends up with Justin being a father

Double Date by Mack_Attack22 - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 3581 - Reads: 1637)

While on tour Justin decides to reconnect with his old MMC pal. What better way to do so then to go out to lunch together?...

Long Way to Happy by MarizlePanizle - [Reviews - 107]
(Wordcount: 202268 - Reads: 150975)

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah

The Need by mzmillion - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 2274 - Reads: 2896)

Justin's suprise trip home to see his girlfriend. Explicit.


Right Here by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 4989 - Reads: 5586)

After hitting several roadblocks, Lance is almost ready to give up on fatherhood.  Almost, that is, until he reaches out to Justin's fiancee...

Deep Cover by sChErZo - [Reviews - 11]
(Wordcount: 13993 - Reads: 13990)

Torn between what's right and her love, Wisteria must make the decision to follow her moral compass and the law or follow her heart. 



Come To Me by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 16]
(Wordcount: 4797 - Reads: 13223)

Lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are

Swear I heard you whispering “would someone break my fall?”


How I Met Your Mother by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 15]
(Wordcount: 8989 - Reads: 10306)

The woman of Justin's dreams is out there - but who is she?  This is the reverse love story of how Justin ends up finding love. ...

Straightjacket Feeling by a_moments_grace - [Reviews - 33]
(Wordcount: 54431 - Reads: 36294)

And when that memory slips away
There'll be a better view from here
And only lonesome you remains
and just the...

Bromas by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 14]
(Wordcount: 4571 - Reads: 5267)

On December 23rd, the members of *NSYNC have an annual tradition - the celebration of Bromas.  Bromas is their "Bro-Centric" Christmas...

Semper Fidelis by Coffee - [Reviews - 74]
(Wordcount: 109827 - Reads: 26460)

Morgan Andrews is a young, single mother working two dead end jobs to take care of her young daughter Chloe. In the mist of her chaotic life, she meets...

Perks by a_moments_grace - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 2175 - Reads: 931)

You've been styling Justin's photo shoots for years now, as long as you've been dating him.  When one shoot gets a're...

The Cake by Pumples - [Reviews - 0]
(Wordcount: 2903 - Reads: 264)
It's a friend's birthday and Romy has agreed to make the cake. The only problem? Justin wants to help. The end result might not be exactly what...

What would you do if you accidentally made a sex tape with your boyfriend's bestfriend?

I was the sweet, innocent, regular, high school graduate...

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