anonymous (Anonymous) on Jul 30, 2016 07:08 am (Something Like You)
Any sort of revenge against Lou I support but I can't wait to see his ass get thrown in jail. Can't wait for more!

Nerdily Ingenious (Signed) on Jul 28, 2016 01:34 am (Something Like You)

Despite her relationship with JC at the current moment, it would have been nice if she could have tried to engage him. Even if she didn't want to tell him about the source of her discomfort. But she has valid reasons for being angry, and I don't want to take away from that.

It's clear that JC cares about her enough, because he noticed something else was up. He did try and make amends. I do wonder whether their relationship can be fixed. It definitely changes the dynamic when and if they have to work together again.

Glad you returned, Mack! 

Author's Response:

Yeahhh, her being angry and being stubborn as hell isn't a good combination for her. Throw being rejected atop of that and she's not thinkingly clearly so all the things she should be doing is something that goes completley out the window. It takes her a long while to learn her lessons and she has a penchant for running around and torturing herself rather than going for the obvious and less troublesome solution.

JC cares about her a lot more than the haze of anger clouding her eyes will allow her to see. The question is how long she'll allow the haze to stay, or else she'll self-destruct in the process of allowing her pride to run her actions. Fixing their relationship will be a tough road they'll face, assuming they decide to take that path at the same time and how much free-will comes along with that decision.

Thanks so much! I'm glad to be back! Glad to see you updating as well! I won't keep you all waiting long for the next one this time.

ashley (Anonymous) on Nov 24, 2015 11:39 am (Something Like You)
I love this story! I wasn't expecting the slap at all, I was expecting a kiss haha...And the way JC was looking at her when she was dancing with Justin....Can't wait to find out more about that! Update soon please =)

theusagirl (Signed) on Oct 25, 2015 08:22 pm (Something Like You)

LOU?! WHY IN THE WORLD IS LOU THERE?! Especially next to Mack's father?? AHH! THE SUSPENSE!

Ok, love that Mack performed her heart out on stage, and so happy that her mom was there with her too! AWW! Oh and the thought of Chris doing makeup on Mack is hilarious to me, I wouldn't mind having Chris do my makeup..

And why was JC staring at Mack like that?? OMG is it JC's famous epic stare that makes girls go haywire?? 

Good update! Looking forward for more! :D 

Nerdily Ingenious (Signed) on Oct 23, 2015 12:14 am (Something Like You)

Okay, the dead obvious thing that's sticking out right now is why Bobbie being so nice to her. Is it because JC's isn't her friend anymore? That screams insecure and transparent, especially since JC hasn't really showed any type of romantic interest in Mack. At least not anything overt.

Another thing that sticks out is Justin. Justin's making his move now that she and JC aren't friends? Why is JC some kind of enigma for everyone where if he's out of the picture, everyone can do what they'd like. Is it because they all know the feelings between JC and Mack? Hmm.

I'm glad her father could make it, not liking that Lou was the one to escort him. Can't wait for another update! 

Anonymous (Anonymous) on Oct 22, 2015 06:10 pm (Something Like You)
Aww man, why did Lou have to show up! Another great update. Can't wait for more :)

Anonymous (Signed) on Oct 22, 2015 05:19 pm (Something Like You)
Oh gosh, so much happened and you still have me on the edge of my seat! I can't wait to see what you do next! I'm beginning to wonder how you're going to top yourself. Please update again soon!

Ashley Loves JC (Signed) on Oct 21, 2015 10:08 pm (Something Like You)
This was such an emotional chapter! From Mack being surprised by Charlotte and Mike, to her being worried about the future and her relationships with the guys and screwing things up, to her dedicating that song to her dad, and then him showing up followed by Lou. Such a whirlwind! I am anxiously waiting on pins and needles for that creep to be exposeed for what he is. And whenever that does happen, I know all hell is going to break loose. I can't wait to see the turn that this atory will take next. 

Anonymous (Signed) on Oct 12, 2015 03:21 pm (Something Like You)
I'm glad to see you're back to writing this story. It was worth the wait! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Nerdily Ingenious (Signed) on Oct 10, 2015 01:36 am (Something Like You)

Wow, I did not think Mack would go as far as ending their friendship...and even with as mad as JC is, I also didn't imagine him not fighting for their friendship. If he never felt they were friends....yikes...there's obviously some underlying animosity between the two.

I like that Mack has someone other than Justin to communicate with on a more intimate level. Lance provides that for her and it's good to see she has relationships with the other guys, too. 

I'm glad to see you updated again and I'll be anticipating whatever is to come. 

theusagirl (Signed) on Oct 08, 2015 08:46 pm (Something Like You)

WHAT?! WHYYY! AHHHH! JC and Mack can't just stop being friends..after all they've freakin been through! *SIGH* This is getting SO good! :D

Ok, I love that they went to go to the tattoo parlor and each got tattoos except for JC and Mack, aww I wonder if JC is still afraid of needles..

And I also agree with you, Mack needs to have more convos with the other guys, she needs a one on one with Joey, cause Joey is more a soft-spoken guy, and he's like a great shoulder to cry on..and Chris is just so hilarious..LOL But let me just say thank you Lance for being there.. :)

Like I said, this is getting more awesome with every chapter, looking forward for the next one, and did you SAY END OF PART ONE? THERE'S GONNA BE A PART TWO! YAYYYY! *Snoopy dance*

Thanks for the update! :D 

Ashley Loves JC (Signed) on Oct 08, 2015 08:11 pm (Something Like You)

Another update already? What did I do to deserve this? Don't spoil me! *Rushes to read chapter*

So this is the aftermath of the slap felt through the computer screens of all the Nsync fangirls in the land. Relations between Mack and JC are icy, and Justin is being a fickle fuckboy. I feel for Mack, she knows that she screwed up and is trying her best to make it right, but I feel even more for JC (JC sad, makes me sad). I think that Mack is sincerely sorry; she's sorry for hitting him, for getting so angry, for what she said, but I don't think that she's getting to the root of the problem. Yes, she hurt JC, but why did it hurt him so bad? Perhaps because his feelings for her run deeper than she assumes? Time shall reveal all.

As always, fantastic writing!  


Melody68 (Signed) on Sep 25, 2015 07:34 pm (Something Like You)
When i first came across this site the first story that I ever read was No Strings Attached and that is by far my favorite story, not just because I'm a JC fan but because your words kept my attention. Keep on writing because I love reading your stories. : )

Nerdily Ingenious (Signed) on Sep 24, 2015 02:45 am (Something Like You)

I sort of saw the Justin thing coming, but I didn't expect him to be on the one who rejected her. Especially since he was the one to make the first move. He took it there, and backed off far too easily. So does he know something or is it just how he really felt? He truly doesn't have feelings for Mack?


The JC WW3 situation made me a bit emotional..? I don't like seeing them fight and especially not like that. Did he simply not acknowledge how Mack basically confessed her feelings to him? Perhaps he already knew? I did not think things would escalate to the point of her getting physical, but this makes for some more discomfort. And while I don't like it, I'm curious to see how the characters will move forward from this.

Hope you'll update soon. I've missed being on here and have to start feeling my way back in.

Author's Response:

Yes, isn't it funny how he was the one to make the move and then (out of nowhere) he was the one to back off? Hmmmm. Sounds fishy to me :P I will tell you that things between her and Justin have always been complicated beneath thier friendship and it will continue to be so until they reach some sort of breaking point. How that turns out is the question.

I don't like seeing them fight either but it was about time that they did otherwise their feelings wouldn't ever come to light properly. Perhaps it wasn't the best way to do so but it pulled the lid off of thier shaken bottle, so to speak. That's the million dollar question, isn't it? It is JC, he could just not know which version of the word 'like' she's using or he ignored it. Who knows? (Well, I do but... ;)) Oh trust me, my *NSYNC rear is in gear so the next update will be fairly soon. Today even, if I don't get too distracted. I've missed being on here as well, hope you come back and write something soon!

Ashley Loves JC (Signed) on Sep 24, 2015 12:03 am (Something Like You)

Oh my gosh! I wish I could embed all of the happy-excited gifs and emojis ine world right now, I'm so ecxited to see this story at the top of the list of updates! I seriously could not tear my eyes away form this chapter, it was so good start to finish, and the ending was so climactic. The way that Mack and JC just laid everything out there was so intense, their emotions in that moment were so raw, and Mack was so vulnerable. And then when she hit him, God, I felt that in my soul. Ugh, how can they come back from this? Oh my God, this was soooo good!



Author's Response: I'm excited to see that you're still excited for this story! Lol, thanks so much! I'm asking myself that same question, there's going to have to be a lot of making up for them to get back to how they were. If they ever do. Thanks for the review, hope you're doing well!

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