Series - H
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Series of shorts based on songs.

Open: Closed
Categories: Completed Het Stories
Characters: JC Chasez
Unwritten 2.0: None
Awards: None
Genres: Angst
Writing 101: None
Challenges: None

Random Story
Lucky Me by Beautiful_Distraction (NC-17)

Justin Timberlake has had everything he could ever dream of at his fingertips for most of his life.  But with fame comes a price...his privacy.  After spending years in the spotlight, constantly abused in the public eye, he's had enough.  A trip to rekindle a sense of self leaves Justin with much more than he ever bargained for.Taylor...
Featured Review

theusagirl said:

Haha! This line made me laugh "Then why are you looking at me like my dog just peed on your furniture?" LMAO! Yay! Melissa is in the studio recording her 1st song, this is so nice, Im liking this.. :)...