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I challenge I made for myself to get me writing more. My goal is to have a story to each *NSYNC song off of their albums (not counting the Christmas, overseas, and Greatest Hits albums). Wish me luck!

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The Unexpected Surprises of Life by daysgoby (PG-13)

 2 years ago, Katie Rodger’s college boyfriend, Trevor, broke up with her, and ever since then she hasn’t had a descent relationship. However, when one of her best friends, Addy Osterberg, sets Katie up with one of her husband’s oldest friends will he be the one or will a twist of events turn things upside down.EDITED!! 
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Ashley Loves JC said:

JC as Hotel Manager, Chris as the Food and Beverage Manager, and Joey as head bartender. Their AU roles are pretty fitting of their personalities. Loving it.


P.S.: I don't condone mixing business...